SpillSeal® Washable Mouse


The ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse uses patented SpillSeal® Technology and has been tested to the international standards of IP66 and Nema4X.

The M10 ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse is a 3 button mouse and is the first washable mouse to incorporate a removable scroll wheel.

It has smooth optical tracking, ergonomic design and features two standard buttons with a third button conveniently located in the centre.

The innovative design of the mouse means that it can be easily washed / immersed and sterilised with most detergents and anti-bacterial agents. Every recess can be sterilised including the scroll wheel which can be easily removed and simply clipped back into place once clean.

M10 ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse fulfils the Hygiene demands of many applications: Healthcare, Government, Education, Financial.

SpillSeal® Washable Mouse