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Cleankeys hi-end keyboard CK3-17

Cleankeys hi-end keyboard CK3-17
Grotere Afbeelding van de
Cleankeys hi-end keyboard CK3-17

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Basis info

Pristinely Clean
Cleankeys® helps keep both staff and patients safe from pathogens. With a smooth surface that’s free of deep grooves and gaps for germs to hide in, Cleankeys really is the world’s easiest keyboard to clean.Cleankeys® converts one of the dirtiest surfaces in your facility to one of the cleanest. And the new patent-pending CleanSweep™ monitoring software helps keep it that way.

Self Monitoring
CK3-17 comes with CleanSweep™ Software for monitoring the cleanliness of the keyboard. You set the policy for regular cleaning, and then CleanSweep enforces that policy. It will let you know when to clean, and also how well the keyboard has been cleaned.

Patented Accuracy
CK3-17 incorporates a Cleankeys patented invention called TouchTap™. It is the only touch surface that lets you rest your fingers on the surface without enabling a keystroke until you are ready to type. This allows 10-finger ‘touch’ typists to approach speeds and accuracy of a regular keyboard. Fast typists do not always hit the keys in the center; Cleankeys resolves the conflict that arises when a finger lands between two keys, choosing the most likely letter based on the word you are typing.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2
CK3-17 incorporates a Corning® Gorilla® Glass top. Gorilla Glass is a tough, scratch resistant glass designed to withstand the daily wear and tear inflicted upon the
keyboard. It is thinner than regular glass, enabling a slimmer and sleeker design with greater touch sensitivity. It is now on the world‘s coolest keyboard.


Technical Specifications
Length: 17.21 in. (437.1 mm)
Width: 5.85 in. (148.6 mm)
Height: 91 in. (23.1 mm)
Weight: 1.56 lbs (0.71 kg) glass
Base: Polycarbonate (PC)
Top: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2
Color: White
Power Specifications
USB input: 5V,
150mA nominal
250mA maximum
USB Cable: 6.6 ft., 2.0 m
Supported OS
Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix

Operating Temperature
5°C to 32°C (41°F to 90°F)
a Operating Humidity
90-95% RH at 40°C (104°F)
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Storage Humidity
90-95% RH at 40°C (104°F)

Regulatory Compliance
Complies with FCC Part 15, Sub part B.
RoHS compliance adhered to for the
European Standard.
RCM compliance adhered to for Australia/
New Zealand. (C-Tick Mark)
United States
EMC: FCC Part 15 Subpart B
European Union (EU)
EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2,
EN 61000-3-3
Australia/New Zealand
EMC: AS/NZS 3548
Safety: AS/NZS 60950-1
EN 60950-1
Water and Dust Ingress
IP65 Rated


Features & Benefits

Patented Touch-Tap™ Technology
Cleankeys is the only touch keyboard that allows you to rest your fingers while typing; plus Cleankeys resolves the conflict that arises when a finger lands between two keys, choosing the most likely letter based on the word you are typing. These features makes the keyboard very accurate.

CleanSweep™ Monitoring Software
CK3-17 is the first keyboard to have revolutionary new self-monitoring software that will let you know when to clean, and also how well the keyboard has been cleaned.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass
Gorilla Glass (GG) means that the keyboard is thinner, lighter, resistant to scratching & harsh cleaning chemicals, & stronger than standard glass.

Fully Certified
ISO layout means all the keys you’d expect on a full-sized keyboard. FCC, CE, RCM, IP65 certifications mean its safe and reliable.

In-place Cleaning
Just pause, spray, and wipe. No need to unplug and take it to a sink.

Numeric Keypad
Data entry and charting made easier.

Economical design, with a standard USB cable.

Audible Feedback
Instant confirmation when a key is typed.

Volume Control
Six volume levels, including OFF allows you to tailor the audible feedback to your environment.

Works with Gloves
A five point sensitivity setting means that big fingers, little fingers, and gloves are no problem; all can be accommodated by changing the sensitivity setting.

Plug-and-Play using Standard USB
There is no special software required on your computer to use Cleankeys - just plug and play.

Mac, Windows, Linux, & Unix.

Built-in tilt, full-sized keys, and non-skid rubber feet help make the user experience a comfortable delight.

Control Panel Software
Easy access to keyboard settings.

Field Upgradeable
Through the control panel software, you can stay current with all future keyboard firmware improvements.


De draadloze variant werkt met een lithium battery.
Een volledig opgeladen batterij gaat 20 werk uren mee.
En de batterij is 300 maal oplaadbaar.
Het keyboard heeft een energie spaarstand, welke na een aantal minuten inactiviteit het keyboard uitschakeld.
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